Lake County Youth in Philanthropy

Legacy Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its newest youth initiative, Lake County Youth in Philanthropy! This program is designed to bring youth together in meaningful ways, to encourage them to give and serve in their communities and to make philanthropy a habit for future generations.

School Application Frequently Asked Questions

Lake County Youth in Philanthropy Goals:

  • Promotion of youth development and experiences of philanthropy
  • Promote and encourage community initiatives that address concerns of our youth
  • Engage youth and adults in partnerships where they work together to serve the common good
  • Build a future of strong community leaders and philanthropists

Members of a LCYIP Chapter will learn:

  • Leadership skills
  • Public speaking
  • Critical thinking and decision making
  • Fundraising techniques
  • Case-management
  • Grantmaking
  • Teamwork
  • Understanding budgets
  • Asking quality questions

Legacy Foundation invites all Lake County high schools to participate in the Lake County Youth in Philanthropy program by forming a LCYIP Chapter. In this Youth Philanthropy program, students grant money to local nonprofit organizations, meet with various local nonprofit organization leaders, discuss effective strategies for community impact, and plan various community service projects.

Legacy Foundation is currently accepting applications from Lake County high schools that are interested in forming a LCYIP Chapter.

If you are a school faculty member or a student interested in starting a LCYIP chapter at your school and would like more information, please contact Maranda Fishback at

Interested in starting a chapter? Download the School Application and FAQ Page

Resources for Current Groups

LCYIP Handbook
Story Submission Form
Social Media Guidelines