Selected Community Hobart West Side

Dec 2013

Legacy Foundation hosts press conference to announce Neighborhood Spotlight initiative.

Feb-June 2014

The Hobart team led by Sergio Mendoza, City of Hobart, attends the three community training sessions to learn about collective impact and the Neighborhood Spotlight process. Hobart Family YMCA takes on role as Convening Agency.

Sept 2014

Hobart North West, and five other neighborhoods, submits its Letter of Interest to apply for Neighborhood Spotlight.

Oct 2014

Legacy Foundation announces Hobart North West as one of two communities selected as a Neighborhood Spotlight area. Each neighborhood selected receives $50,000 to hire a Community Builder and for early action projects that build resident participation.

Feb 2015

Hobart Family YMCA hires Chris Meyers for the Community Builder position. Chris and the Steering Committee for Hobart NW begin conducting one-on-one resident interviews to pool opinions of those living and working in the spotlight area.

July 2015

The Hobart NW Neighborhood Spotlight group hosts its first Visioning Session.

July 2015

Hobart NW brings together residents for a Working Group training that can help them build a plan of action.

About Hobart-North West Neighborhood Spotlight

In the fall of 2014, the Hobart Family YMCA, serving as the convening organization, in partnership with the City of Hobart, Hobart Chamber of Commerce, Concerned Citizens of Hobart, Indiana Landmarks, American Legion Post 54, and Friends of Robinson Lake, was selected as a Neighborhood Spotlight community.

The Hobart NW Neighborhood Spotlight application highlighted an underlying commitment “to create an awareness of local assets, establish a sense of place, a sense of belonging socially / physically / civically, and an interest in economic development.”

The Hobart NW Neighborhood Spotlight footprint comprises a land area of 1,522 acres generally following Ridge Road to the north, Lake Park Avenue to the east, the Penn Central Railroad Line to the south, and Mississippi Street to the west. Further, the targeted footprint is characterized as possessing a population of 4,044 residents, 900 single-family homes, two largescale apartment complexes, and two mobile home parks.

The physical assets include 130 acres of conservation land, historic structures and opportunities for the development of new housing. Two industries, CATCO and Indiana Botanic Gardens are located in the city and employ over 100 people. Hobart has had proven success with civic collaboration including creation of the Hobart Marsh Plan and with DNR and the National Park Service.

Collaborating Community

Convening Organization

Hobart Family YMCA
601 W 40th Pl, Hobart, IN
(219) 942-2183

Strengths from the Application

  • Focus on residents, strong ability to work collaboratively, strong convener with no perceived self-interest, strong cohesive community
  • Engaged local government participation and support
  • Core team took advantage of all training and consultation sessions
  • Community has strong ecological resources, including the Hobart Marsh Plan
  • Strong desire among the Steering Committee to connect with residents