Meal Assistance for Nonprofit Organizations

Legacy Foundation will provide meal assistance for nonprofit organizations that host an On the Table conversation. Funding is limited and will only be distributed to eligible tax-exempt organizations.

The reimbursement amount is $3.50 per person.

Meal Stipend for Youth Conversations

Legacy Foundation will award a meal stipend to nonprofit organizations and schools that host a youth conversation.

Funding is limited and will be determined based on the following tiered scale:

  • 6-50 youth participants = $25
  • 51-100 youth participants = $50
  • 101-299 youth participants = $100
  • 300-499 youth participants = $200
  • 500-750 youth participants = $300
  • 751-1,000 youth participants = $400
  • 1,000+ youth participants = $500

Head, Heart, and Feet Exercise

Youth under age 12 can complete this exercise after the discussion.

Adult Survey (English)

After the discussion, have each guest complete the survey.

Encuesta para adultos (Spanish)

Después de la conversación, cada huésped debe completar la encuesta.

Youth Survey

After the discussion, have youth ages 12-17 complete the survey.

Take Action Worksheet

Spend a few minutes with your table brainstorming how your conversation can lead to action. Use this worksheet as a guide.

Invitation Template

Use the provided template to invite others to participate in your discussion.

Poster Template

Use our pre-designed poster to promote your On The Table event.

Fact Sheet

The On The Table initiative brings Lake County residents together to engage in conversation to improve communities.

Host Tips & Conversation Prompts Card

Learn how you can be effective before, during and after the conversation.

Host Toolkit

Plan your event, set the table and start the conversation. This toolkit has everything you need in one place.

Youth Conversation Guidelines

Spark the conversation with the youth of Lake County on ways to improve our communities.


We invite you to use the On The Table logos in your materials.

Social Media Samples

Continue your conversation online. Provided are sample tweets and posts to share on your social media channels.